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What Will You Assume?

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If you are married with children and have no valid Will in place, you would be wrong to assume that all of your assets necessarily pass to your spouse on your death. If you remarry/divorce and do not create a new Will, or die without ever having made a...

Livestock Has Broken Onto My Land, What Are My Rights?

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"I run a small farm, and cattle from a neighbouring landowner can be found in my field quite regularly, causing damage to my fencing. What are my rights?" The Animals Act 1971 gives a landowner/occupier power to deal with livestock that comes...

Legal car crash for Uber as Supreme Court rules in favour of gig-workers

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In a landmark case for Employment Law, the Supreme Court hands down judgment that Uber drivers were ‘workers’ within the definition of the Employment Rights Act 1996, National Minimum Wage Act 1998 and Working Time Regulations 1998. The...