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Could A Property Trust Will Help You?

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"My husband and I have made Wills that say when one of us dies everything passes to the survivor. Then, when the survivor dies, everything passes to our daughter. If we have to go into nursing care, will our wishes be respected?" Many couples...

The Recent Budget and Inheritance Tax

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It has been widely reported that the Chancellor delivered his budget for 2021 to Parliament on 3rd March 2021. Whilst the issue of Inheritance Tax was not covered in great depth, the Chancellor has confirmed that the current thresholds for Inheritance Tax...

Virtual signing of Wills - too little, too late?

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the introduction of new legislation has been announced allowing Wills to be witnessed virtually in England and Wales. Although the legislation is not expected to come into force until September, it will be backdated...

Controversial Probate Fee scrapped

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When someone passes away, the items that they own at the time of their death, such as property and money is collectively known as their estate. The person who is to administer the estate (either the person appointed under the will or possibly the next of kin...