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Making a Will is often seen as something you should do later in life. It is actually a very important part of Lifetime Planning for all of us.

Our clients range from young professionals, business owners including those with agricultural interests, to the recently retired professional as well as the elderly.

Why should I make a Will?

  • A Will gives you peace of mind ensuring that your wishes will be carried out.
  • Without a Will the distribution of your assets is governed by the law and they may not automatically pass to your spouse, children or other family members as you wish.
  • A Will can make provision for modern day family dynamics, such as unmarried couples, second marriages, step children and step grandchildren, which are not automatically included by the law.
  • If there has been a change in your personal circumstances, e.g. marriage, divorce, birth of children or grandchildren - if you made a Will before you were married it may no longer be valid.
  • Your Will can appoint guardians to look after any children under the age of 18.
  • Using your Will you can record your wishes for items of sentimental value, family pets and other possessions that are close to your heart.
  • A Will can allow you to gift money to any charities or other organisations that you may support.
  • To avoid costly disputes for your loved ones.

What else should I consider?

  • Make it early in life and review it often. JCP will review your Will for free every 3 years.
  • Who will be your executors? JCP are happy to provide this service.
  • Where will your Will be stored? JCP offer free and secure Will storage for all of our clients. 

Wills following a second marriage 

Whilst there are many things to consider when making a Will following a second marriage especially with children on one or both sides, there is one that should be highlighted following the proposed introduction of the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) in April 2017. 

The RNRB is an additional relief (£100,000 in April 2017 and rising to £175,000 by 2020).  That can be added to the existing Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax when a dwelling home or share thereof or share of such property is left to a lineal descendent (child, step-child, grandchild etc).

Great care should be taken when drafting Wills to ensure the RNRB is not lost by the inclusion of rights in the property in favour of third parties who are not lineal descendents.

Proper advice should always be taken to ensure this relief is not prejudiced by the terms of a Will, and any current Wills should be reviewed in the light of this new Inheritance Tax relief.

"Your company gave me every assistance in making my Will. I was so satisfied then that I came back. In the future I shall have no hesitation to return and utilise your services again."

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Watch our video on Making a Will

JCP Solicitors and DWJ Wealth Management have launched a short series dealing with wealth protection and lifetime planning.

In this episode Danni from DWJ and Alison Kent from JCP talk about the importance of making a will. The information is provided for general information purposes only.