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By JCP on Monday, 8th September 2014

Every day, people are doing legendary things for good causes – sky diving, mountain climbing, marathon running to name a few. 

Gifts in Wills are lesser known, but equally legendary acts in the way they support charities. They are worth more than £2bn to UK charities a year, an amount equivalent to nearly 20 Comic Reliefs. Without them many wouldn't exist today.

DIY Probate Administration Sees Will Claims Triple By JCP on Thursday, 21st August 2014
Dental Practice
By JCP on Thursday, 11th September 2014

It is an unfortunate reality that dental practices and dental managers will receive complaints and be drawn into litigation at some point, from a range of sources and on several different topics.  How they are handled from the start, can determine very different outcomes. 

Dr Kerry Beynon, Head of Intellectual Property at JCP Solicitors talks us through some of the most common complaints in dental practices and how these can be avoided, where possible:

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