Dafamation And Reputational Management

The rise in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook  has meant that defamation has grown considerably in recent years.   The number of defamation cases heard in UK courts has increased over the course of the past year, many involving leading sports personalities.  Furthermore, it has become much more common to bring claims in connection with internet publication such as discussion forums, bulletin boards or blogs.

Whatever the medium, defamation can have a significant impact on one’s life and reputation.   It is unsurprising therefore that individuals and organisations alike seek legal advice on these matters as damage or loss of reputation can lead to significant damage, both on a personal and financial level.

We advise on:

  • Vetting documents pre-publication
  • Issuing and defending legal proceedings in respect of libel and slander
  • Breach of codes e.g. Press Complaints
  • Right to privacy claims
  • Human Rights Issues
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