Covid-19 and Our Injury Services

During the Covid-19 outbreak, our Injury Services remain uninterrupted.

We have now implemented our complete home working strategy.  All emails and incoming phone calls will reach us as normal.

From our Clients' perspective, there will not be any major interruptions to our service, however there will be some unavoidable delays in the process.  For example medical appointments or court proceedings may be postponed.  We will do our best to ensure any disruption to you is kept to a minimum.

All appointments can be undertaken by telephone. We will email or post any required documents to you. These documents may include forms to fill in or documents to sign. For most documents you can scan these at home, or you can take a picture on your phone and email us the image.

Incoming mail is still being collected and scanned to the relevant teams.

Please do not attend our offices at this present time.

You can read more about our temporary procedures during the Covid-19 outbreak here.