Your conveyancing and Covid-19

As a seller and/or a buyer, you need to be alert to the risks involved. As well as being prepared to be as flexible as possible, you will need to accept that the process may be slow due to delays with mortgage offers, surveys and searches, as well as delays caused by parties in your chain having to self-isolate. A straightforward transaction with no complications will generally take between 10-12 weeks. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic we recommend that you anticipate it taking between 14 -16 weeks.

During the conveyancing process it is unlikely that we would ever need to meet you face to face. Instructions can be taken by telephone, after which we will email or post your documents to you. These documents may include forms to fill in and documents to sign. You can scan these at home, or you can take a picture on your phone and email us the image.

For more information on moving home during the pandemic please click here.