Probate Prices & Timescales

We think it is helpful to outline to you the procedure and the timescales to be followed. Probate can be a long process and there can be many obstacles that can cause delay. When using our Probate Solicitors you will always have a named point of contact and a direct dial and email address and we will keep you updated at all times.

Our prices are based on an hourly rate only as opposed to a percentage of the value of the assets in the estate. This means we will give you an estimate for our costs for dealing with the administration of the estate based on the number of hours of work required.  

Our estimate of costs will always be provided once we have assessed the complexity of the estate.

Complications can come out of the woodwork at any time and any change in our estimate would always be communicated with you clearly and as early as possible to take into account any additional unforeseen work.

Full Probate Service

The price, depending on complexity and the overall value of the estate, for a standard Probate, will generally be between £3,500 and £12,500 + VAT for estates that are uncontested and have UK assets only.

This does not include disbursements outlined below.

Our full probate services includes:

  • Initial meeting and fact-finding
  • Collecting information
  • Applying for the Grant of Representation
  • Placing public notices and undertaking the relevant asset, liability and Will tracing searches (where required)
  • Arranging valuations
  • Dealing with Inheritance Tax
  • Collecting in assets
  • Paying any liabilities
  • Distributing the estate

For more information on any of these steps, please read our Probate Process page here.

It excludes:

  • Dealing with the sale or transfer of any land in the estate and a separate charge would be provided by our Property team and a quotation can be requested here.
  • Dealing with a Deed of Renunciation where one or more of the executors wishes to step down. Our price for this is from £250 + VAT.
  • Dealing with assets outside of the UK.
  • Disputes arising with an estate.
  • Disbursements such as:-
  1. Probate Registry Fee - £300 plus £1.50 for every additional copy of the Grant required.
  2. Land Registry registration and search fees.
  3. Fees for placing public notices, undertaking asset, liability and Will tracing searches.
  4. Tracing Agents and Genealogists fees.
  5. Miscellaneous expenses such as travelling expenses.
  6. Other professional fees, such as accountants and valuers.
  • Requests for information from completed files. Once your file is over and sent for storage we charge from £50+VAT for every request for documentation.

Estates can be standard and straightforward but many can also throw up complications and the unexpected as well as being fraught with family emotions. We have a team of caring and specialist professionals who have wide experience in a range of estates. We will talk you through the process from start to finish and be there to deal with any situation during what can be a difficult emotional time in your lifetime.

We would advise all Personal Representatives to communicate to beneficiaries the need to be flexible and understanding. The process could take on average up to 18 months, sometimes longer before an estate can be concluded.  

For more information on the process and timescales please click here.

All costs including disbursements are payable from the deceased’s estate.

Grant of Representation only

If the Personal Representatives do not wish to instruct us to deal with the full administration of the estate we offer a fixed price alternative to deal with the application for the Grant of Representation and completing the appropriate inheritance tax form(s) only.

This service relies on the Personal Representatives obtaining valuations of all the deceased’s assets and liabilities to enable us to prepare the relevant paperwork, which we would then submit to the Probate Registry and HMRC. Once the Grant of Representation is then issued we would provide the same to the Personal Representatives to allow them to take the necessary steps to deal with the assets and complete the administration of the estate. However, if the Personal Representatives require any further assistance with the administration of the estate we can provide a cost estimate for this additional work.      

Our costs for a Grant of Representation only range from £1100 +VAT to £2500 +VAT depending on the complexity involved and the relevant inheritance tax form(s) that are required.

In addition to our costs, there is also a Probate Registry fee payable in the sum of £273 together with £1.50 for every additional copy of the Grant required (no VAT is applied).

If notices are required for non-proving executors to whom power is to be reserved, where one or more of the executors does not wish to take up the role nor do they wish to formally step down by renouncing, there will be an additional fee of from £250 + VAT depending upon the number of non-proving executors.

Any reference to VAT is calculated at the standard rate for goods and services, currently 20%. Prices are correct up to 31 March 2025.


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