Asbestos Claims Client Testimonial

We asked a recent client of Charlotte Perkins, our Asbestos Claims Manager to provide us with a testimonial and this is what they said:

“Charlotte dealt with me in a very supportive and professional manner and told me she would read my case thoroughly and call back the next day at 11am. True to her word at 11am she called and summarised the position. From that moment on Charlotte was responsive, proactive and determined, I definitely thought she was on my side.

“There were a number of things that Charlotte did very well. She has a very friendly manner, I felt I could talk openly and honestly. She grasped the key issues straight away and had a very proactive no-nonsense approach in dealing with the other side; for example, rather than simply send a letter every few weeks, she would pick up the phone and chase people down. Charlotte is very tenacious and to that end provided regular updates. This is key when she says she was going to phone she does. There was nothing during the process that I would have changed.

“It is easy to think the best lawyers are the ones with the most experience, say 30 years handling cases. This cannot be further from the truth. Yes, a lawyer must be knowledgeable but the law and case law change all the time. The best lawyers are the ones who can process large elements of information and apply relevant law to form a powerful argument. Then to keep on the case with tenacity and not to be fobbed off. Charlotte made me feel my case was the top of her pile and more importantly, she ensured it was at the top of the pile with the person she was dealing with on the other side.

I would definitely recommend Charlotte to others if the opportunity arose.”


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