Peter Cross
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      • Consultant - Commercial Property
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      • Sycamore Lodge
      • Hamilton Street
      • Fishguard
      • SA65 9HL
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Peter Cross

Consultant - Commercial Property

Peter Cross is a long-established solicitor and Notary Public with a solid reputation and first class client base. Peter Cross originally has his own practice in the town of Fishguard for over 40 years came together with JCP Solicitors on the 1st October 2013.

Formerly of Walter Williams, Peter is now a consultant in private client services specialising in Wills and Probate.

Peter specialises in lifetime planning and probate services for individuals and the rural client base of the firm. He also undertakes property transactions from straight forward house transactions to complicated issues surrounding land ownership.

Peter has brought his many years of experience to the firm, specialising in commercial and the more complex aspects of residential property and land transactions.

He is happy to make his experience of freehold and leasehold property transactions and other matters such as rights of way and covenants available to the firm’s clients. If you have what seems to be a difficult property issue Peter can probably help!