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Charlotte Perkins

Head of Asbestos

Charlotte Perkins has specialised in asbestos claims throughout her career as a solicitor and has represented victims and their families from all over the UK.

Ensuring that as many people suffering from an asbestos-related condition as possible, have access to specialist advice is Charlotte’s first priority. Her clients and their families are always dealt with warmly, sensitively and compassionately. Charlotte treats her clients as she would wish her own family members to be treated in the same circumstances. A number of Charlotte’s male relatives worked in heavy industry and suffered with asbestos-related illnesses. As a result, Charlotte has first-hand experience of how it feels to be on the other side of the relationship with her clients. Her background shapes the way she approaches her work and makes her determined to seek justice for her clients.

Overall, Charlotte has successfully recovered millions of pounds in compensation for her clients. Some of her clients have received more than £500,000 in compensation individually; with mesothelioma clients typically receiving awards of upwards of £100,000. In addition, Charlotte has fought to obtain funding for potentially life-prolonging treatments not available via the NHS, through the compensation claims she has pursued for those clients. As a consequence of this, a number of Charlotte’s clients have been able to access medical treatments which they otherwise would not have been able to. Charlotte is always keen to stress that there is much more at stake in these claims than money; for Charlotte, her work is about ensuring that her clients have access to all of the medical treatments, care, aids and equipment and comforts that they need.

Charlotte works with and supports a number of related charities, support groups and medical practitioners and is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). She feels strongly that it is important that solicitors working in this area have good knowledge of and are able to work closely with the other services and professionals needed by her clients. In fact, given that many clients are now able to access medical treatments that are not available on the NHS, through their compensation claims, Charlotte often works with her clients’ medical teams to facilitate this and considers that working this way has never been more important.