South West Wales Brain Injury Group - Autumn Workshops 2017

Chaired by Dr Jeremy Tree (Associate Professor), join us for our inaugural Autumn Workshops.


9:00 - Registration, refreshments & networking
9:30  - Positive emotion and laughter with Dr Andrew Kemp (Associate Professor) Exploring the tight linkage between our mental and physical health. Recent scientific studies link positive and social emotions to a longer lifespan, effects that may rival many traditional risk markers for morbidity and premature mortality, such as diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity. Scientific studies also highlight how improving our physical health might have important implications for our mental wellbeing, as well as our physical health.
10:15 - Tea, coffee and cake
10:45 - Drumming workshop Reduce stress, re-energise and feel bangtastic!
11:15 - Ear related vertigo post-head injury: diagnosis and management A popular topic at our 2015 SWWBIG Conference, we are excited that Mr Simon Browning has accepted our invitation to deliver this excellent workshop again at our autumn event.
12:00 - Close
This event is open to anyone connected to Brain Injury in South West Wales. To book your place sign up at
£10pp for professionals. Free for brain injury survivors, family and non paid carers.
For all enquiries please telephone 01792 525578.