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Making a Will is often seen as something you should do later in life. It is actually a very important part of Lifetime Planning for us all. We asked Ian Fudge, Director at JCP Solicitors and President of this year’s Pembrokeshire County Show why making a Will is important for everyone:

“My clients range from elderly people, to young professionals, to business owners, and those with agricultural interests, to the recently retired. There is no such thing as the stereotypical Will client. Making a Will is about providing peace of mind for your future, and planning in your lifetime.

“A Will gives you peace of mind ensuring that your wishes will be carried out after your days, without a Will the distribution of your assets is governed by the law and they may not automatically pass to your spouse, children or other family members as you wish.

“A Will can make provision for modern day family dynamics, such as unmarried couples, second marriages, step children and step grandchildren. If there has been a change in your personal circumstances, e.g.  through marriage, divorce, birth of children or grandchildren – you can use your Will to ensure all your loved ones will be provided for. Don’t forget if you made a Will before you were married or divorced it may no longer be valid.

“If you have children under the age of 18, your Will can appoint guardians, for many parents this can be a very difficult decision but ultimately making a Will can help you discuss this with your loved ones and ensure your children will be looked after and brought up the way that you would wish them to be should you no longer be around.

“Using your Will you can record your wishes for items of sentimental value, and other possessions that are close to your heart, and you can even use your Will to record your wishes for family animals such as horses or pet dogs and cats.
“A Will can allow you to gift money to any charities or other organisations that you may support, although it is important to state correctly which charities you are supporting in your Will. For example if you wanted your money to support a local branch of your chosen charity you need to be very particular so that the money does not end up being absorbed by the head office and not therefore spent locally.

My final piece of advice is, make it early in life and review it often.”

Ian Fudge is a specialist in Wills & Probate, and is a well respected practitioner in the Pembrokeshire area with over 30 years’ experience.  Ian is the President of the 2015 Pembrokeshire County Show, Member and committee member of Pembrokeshire Agricultural  Society Ltd, a committee member of Pembrokeshire Hunt, and a Member and Director and Treasurer of the British Show Pony Society in Wales. Ian is also a keen horseman and a senior steward of the British Show Pony Society.