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Royal Welsh Show Week & Brexit.

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It is the beginning of another Royal Welsh Show week where the very best of Welsh agriculture will be on display for the world to appreciate . However behind the scenes the industry is facing many questions following the Brexit vote, and we all know that uncertainty can cause real difficulties for businesses trying to plan for the future.

Despite promises and statements from politicians of all colours and hues, we simply do not know what support the industry is going to receive once we come out of the EU.  It seems very likely though that  agriculture will be competing for funds with health, education, social care and a myriad of other demands as the dust settles on our departure from the EU , and decisions start to be made over the allocation of domestic UK funding.   Those who represent our industry will face demanding and complex negotiations to ensure that the level and manner of future support fully recognises not only the vital role that our food and agriculture industries play within our society, but also the wider community, language and cultural aspects that are equally dependent upon our rural areas.  Many of these negotiations will of course kick off during the four days of the Show itself , but  we must not forget that other sectors such as health and education will also have started their campaigns for future funding.

Finally just a thought, it has been very easy over past years to blame Europe for the raft of regulation for countless inspections, for delays in payment, etc.  Who will we blame in the future?