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JCP Family Mediation Celebrates 20 Years.

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Sali Jackson-Thomas has since 1996 been offering Family Mediation in Swansea.  She has over this time helped many separating and divorcing couples from across South and South West Wales reach their own agreements about finances and child arrangements.

In 1996 Family Mediation was in its infancy, but it has developed as an acknowledged and often valuable approach to family dispute resolution. Its potential advantages are well known , including  savings of time and cost, and empowering clients to seek their own outcomes in a forum designed to be less conflictual than traditional legal process.  And clients are routinely advised to take their own independent legal advice from their Solicitors to try and ensure a balanced result.

Sali has developed Mediation practice over the 20 years, and now feels it time to refine and progress  JCP Mediation for the future. Legal Aid has proved important in the establishment of Family Mediation locally, but times change, and LASPO has an impact ,and so from June 23rd JCP Mediation will no longer commence legally aided  Family Mediation cases. 

Despite this change, Sali is confident that Mediation with still flourish, and a sign of this, she will on 1st August be joined at JCP Mediation by Kelvin Evans. He has also been practising for 20 years, for most of this period based in the same offices as Sali although mediating separately.  Kelvin’s contact details are unchanged, and both Sali and he thank local legal practitioners for their support in the past, and welcome new referrals.

Both Sali and Kelvin are accredited by the Family Mediation Council, and as such are authorised to conduct MIAMs where needed before contemplation of Court Process.  They will continue to offer this service although in future the cost will need to be funded privately by clients.

For joint MIAM meetings and for mediation sessions, the total cost can be shared by the parties in whichever manner they agree between them.