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Family Team at JCP Urges DIY Divorcers to Check Forms

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If people going through divorce cannot reach agreement in relation to financial settlement then an application is made to the family court. There is a specific form for making the application known as “Form A”.

Once that form is sent to the court, the court issues a timetable which each party must stick to. That timetable includes a date for completing what is known as “Form E”. Form E is a detailed form recording each party’s financial details and is backed up with supporting documents. Form E can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice website and completed online.

Earlier this month it came to light that the online form, which is most commonly used by people who undertake the Divorce process without the assistance of a Solicitor, failed to reflect the minus figure of final liabilities producing a mathematical error. Debts and Liabilities were not recognised or recorded on the form which means the level of assets a party has may been miscalculated going back as far as April 2014.

The Ministry of Justice has published an email address, for anyone who thinks they may have been affected to contact the department.

Most specialist family solicitors do not use the Ministry of Justice’s software but instead a tried and tested specialist software which takes into account all liabilities - another reason to instruct an expert family solicitor for your divorce.