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Care Home Owners Urged To Seek Legal Advice To Avoid Costly Minimum Wage Disputes

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A leading South and West Wales law firm has warned domiciliary care providers that they could face bills amounting to many thousands over non-payment of the national minimum wage. Paul Shuttleworth, Director and Head of Employment at JCP Solicitors, has...

Ask The Legal Expert The Farm Business and Contracts of Employment.

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This month Paul Shuttleworth, Head of Employment & HR advises a farmer on his work contracts. I run a farm and I use a number of casual workers during busy periods – often for six months at a time. What are my obligations regarding giving them...

Legal Representation at Disciplinary or Grievance Hearings

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A question that is often asked by our Employer clients is whether in the course of a disciplinary proceeding, an employee is entitled to bring along their Solicitor as the accompanying person. The answer to the question is invariably no, since there is no...

New Anti-Doping Code Marks a Step Change on Contaminated Supplements

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Paul Shuttleworth, Director at JCP Solicitors in South Wales who lectures in Sports Law at Swansea University, sheds light on the new 2015 WADA Code changes. Just as every bumper crop of A level results brings with it nationwide grumbles about falling...

Employers Face Tide Of Back-Dated Holiday Pay Claims

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JCP Solicitors’ Director and Head of Employment, Paul Shuttleworth addresses employers’ concerns about a particularly thorny holiday pay issue. Employers are increasingly operating in a changing world and recent decisions from the...

What's Said In The Changing Room Stays In The Dressing Room... Or So You Thought

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What went on inside the changing rooms and training grounds of professional football clubs used to be a secret kept behind stadia turnstiles. But as instances of managers openly criticising their players becomes more prevalent, and vice versa, it is no...