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Charlotte Perkins
    • Charlotte Perkins

    • Associate Solicitor & Asbestos Claims Manager
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Suffering From an Asbestos-Related Illness? Don't Delay in Seeking Legal Advice

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I have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness and I am thinking of making a claim, but I have some concerns. It all happened such a long time ago and I don’t have any documents. How can I prove my claim and are there any risks to me bringing...

Asbestos-Related Illness? Act Quickly To Make a Legal Claim

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The process of making an Asbestos related injury claim is complex and such claims are often subject to strict timescales. It is vital that claimants seek detailed legal guidance from a specialist in this area of the law. This is what you need to know:...

Champion of Asbestos Related Injury Cases Joins JCP's Team of Specialists

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A legal expert who has championed the cases of those affected by asbestos-related conditions has joined JCP Solicitors. Charlotte Perkins, an Associate Solicitor, is now a key member of the Personal Injury team and she brings with her experience in...