Work Life Balance at JCP Solicitors

We are always happy to talk to our candidates about flexibility. At JCP, work life balance and wellbeing is an essential part of our culture. Here are some real-life examples from #TeamJCP:-

Natalie D’Ivry
Legal Assistant - Commercial Property

“JCP Solicitors is really supportive of a work life balance and encourages and supports employees to look after their mental health through wellbeing activities and other initiatives. As well as my role in the Commercial Property team I am also a mental health champion which means I am a point of contact should anyone want to talk to me confidentially.  Looking after your mental health is so important and I enjoy nothing more than clearing my mind by walking or running with my beloved beagle, Sonny.

“I am also the Trustee of the DPJ Foundation, a mental health farming charity that covers the whole of Wales. JCP is big on community and not only supports my personal involvement with the charity but has also provided sponsorship for some of our activities.”

Tammy Nurse
Business Support Manager - South East Wales

“Working at JCP has allowed me to have the perfect work-life balance – which means that spending time with my family and friends and also having time for myself for running/walking the dog/going to the gym, isn’t something that can only be fitted in at the weekends. JCP sponsor quite a few sporting events so there are always free places going spare that I can put to good use! My sister and I also attend a weekly choir session with our mum who has dementia, and it’s so important to me that I can fit this in around my work life.”

Kirsty Meech
Associate Solicitor - Personal Injury

“As a mum of three 3 small children working at JCP Solicitors allows me to reach my potential in an ambitious career. Recently I felt very supported to undertake the challenge of running my first ever London Marathon. JCP encourages a work life balance and fully supports its employees when they embark on such challenges. I work part time and the firm is very supportive if I need to finish early, come in late or switch my non- working day due to childcare.”

Alice Rowlands
Associate Solicitor - Lifetime Planning

“Employee welfare is clearly prioritised at JCP Solicitors and encouraging a healthy work life balance is a large part of that. From organising staff get-togethers to recommending short breaks throughout the day, JCP are always looking for ways in which we can achieve a balance. We are encouraged to enjoy our free time and step away from work out of hours. Recently we all took part in a “guess the steps” challenge, which was a boost to get outside over a weekend with my dog Leo! Fun little challenges are the norm at JCP.”

Lesley Kerr
Legal Secretary - Injury Services

“JCP Solicitors promotes activity, a healthy lifestyle and finding a work life balance. Whilst I am not a runner or a cyclist I have found something that I enjoy and which (I like to think) I am relatively good at! Working for JCP means I can enjoy the working life of a larger regional law firm, whilst being able to enjoy myself on the beautiful coast of Pembrokeshire.

The beach has always been my ‘happy place’, whether it’s on the sand or in the water. A time to switch off, relax and chill. I think everyone should have a ‘happy place’ doing something they enjoy, whatever that may be.”

Rebecca Bennett
Associate Solicitor - Medical Negligence

“Working at JCP has always enabled me to maintain a good work/ life balance. From fitting in training for long-distance triathlons alongside work to more recently juggling a busy life of working and training around the demands of an (even busier!!) toddler, the flexibility afforded at JCP has always allowed me to enjoy a really positive work/ life balance and fulfil goals outside work that I would otherwise have been unable to pursue.”

Angela Killa
Associate Solicitor - Family Law

“As a mother of two teenage boys and a full time family solicitor, life can get pretty hectic. Getting the balance between work and home life can be challenging so I try to make the most of my time outside of work. Working long and unsocial hours is not an expectation at JCP, meaning I have more time with my favourite people as well as exercising and cooking. Feeling fulfilled outside work helps me do a better job in work.”

Jessica Valdivia
Legal Cashier

“I’m originally an Auditor Accountant from Chile. I took a career break when I first arrived in the UK in order to learn the language, do some career training and look after my two precious children - Carys and Iago. After some years without work I have had the opportunity to join this great company, who offered me flexible working hours in the mornings so that I can start at 9:30 to do the school run. This made my decision to go back to work easier. I have been at JCP for 5 months now and it is a very friendly and welcoming place to work. I am very happy in my role because JCP believe in me and I can easily balance my work and my family.”

Tracy Haddock
Legal Advisor - Lifetime Planning

“I have only been with JCP Solicitors for a relatively short amount of time but so far I am really impressed with their focus on work life balance, wellbeing and support with career development. I look forward to being involved in more of the community based sponsorships and involving my family in some of the activities. My role in the Lifetime Planning team means that community links are really important to me, so being able to balance work and the things I enjoy is a great mix. Also, who wouldn’t want to work in South Wales with the likes of Pen Y Fan on your doorstep!”

Ben Cresswell
Legal Advisor - Commercial Property

“JCP Solicitors has always encouraged a healthy work life balance. This is especially important for the modern day parent. My daughter Poppy (6) and my son Oliver (7) have activities every day of the week! Add to this walking a Border Collie & Chihuahua, training for a Half Marathon and helping to Coach my Son’s Rugby & Football team; time outside of work is extremely precious to me and my partner Jade. JCP Solicitors are with me every step of the way to help facilitate my work life balance and are always accommodating and supportive.”

Ian Rees
Director & Head of Personal Injury

“Everyone strives to achieve the correct work-life balance, but sometimes this is easier said than done when pursuing a challenging and demanding career in law. Without the support of your employer this is an impossible goal to achieve.

“Fortunately here at JCP we are encouraged to strike the right balance between home and working life. The flexibility offered by JCP is priceless and does allow me the opportunity to progress in my career whilst also ensuring that I am able to spend quality time at home with the family, and pursue my hobbies, one of which is exploring the mountain ranges of Wales.

“Finding the balance is key and it is something I actively encourage within my team which in turn brings out the best in everyone.”

Anthony Poole
Associate Solicitor - Corporate Commercial

“I feel that JCP has a strong focus on staff wellbeing and with that, fully supports a work / life balance.

“Outside of work, I enjoy playing short-mat bowls and have recently been selected to represent Wales. It’s important that I am able to compete and practice during the week and working at JCP provides the flexibility to do that. I have never felt under pressure to work long hours unnecessarily. Of course, there are occasions when matters are time sensitive and we, as a team, pull together to ensure we achieve our targets but generally I am able to meet my sporting commitments!"

Laurie Taylor
Associate Solicitor - Family Law

“Studying BSL has been a lifelong ambition and having the opportunity to do so is very rewarding. I am so appreciative of the support I have from JCP who are assisting me with funding for my level 2 course alongside my role as an Associate Solicitor in the Family department. Allowing me this opportunity opens up the door for me to assist those who communicate using British Sign language. I can hopefully help them to overcome any barriers they face when trying to obtain legal advice which should be freely accessible to all of us.”

Ceri Noble
Associate Solicitor - Personal Injury

“JCP put a strong emphasis on work life balance, and wellbeing is always at the top of the priority list. I juggle various extra-curricular activities such as playing rugby for the West Swansea Hawks Ladies team, my duties as the Corporate Secretary for the Swansea & District Junior Lawyers Division, my membership with the Careers Wales’ Finance, Audit & Risk committee, and playing with the Chroma Music Cello club.

JCP understand the importance of community and participating in activities outside the 9 to 5. I feel I get the support, freedom and flexibility to fulfil all the things I enjoy. JCP also supports the West Swansea Hawk Ladies’ rugby team by sponsoring our match-day rugby kit. Sponsorship from local businesses is vital as we rely on it to keep the team going. I am proud to have my employer sponsor our match-day kit.”

If you have any questions about how working at JCP could better support your work life balance, contact us at