How to Apply to be our Charity of the Year

If you are interested in becoming our Charity of the Year, please find our criteria below.

  1. Your charity must be based in Wales or have a Welsh branch operating out of one of our regions where we have offices.
  2. You must be able to allocate any funds raised to direct causes or within specific local areas.
  3. Your charity must have been established for at least 5 years.
  4. You must be able to sign an indemnity agreement to accept unclaimed client balances, undertaking that you will refund all or part of these donations if so requested.
  5. You must be nominated by a Director or employee of JCP Solicitors, who will put you forward, along with their supporting statement, to our Staff and Community Group. You must have a prior relationship with a member of our team to be nominated. We apologise that we do not accept cold applications.

JCP’s Charity of Year is selected by our Staff and Community Group with final approval from the CEO. Nominations must be received by January of each calendar year. Each financial year (running April – March) one Charity may be appointed or a number of Charities may be jointly appointed to ensure we are supporting all the areas where our people live and work. Due to the pandemic, our current Charity of the Year will be in place until March 2023. Therefore we are not accepting nominations until January 2023.