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Reselling sport tickets?

Whatever the sporting event, it is common to see terms and conditions printed on the reverse of the ticket.  The terms will normally include a clause stating that there ‘shall be no resale or transfer above face value’. 

However, in practical terms, such a term will be very difficult to enforce.  Whilst we did see the introduction of photo ID printed on the Ryder Cup tickets at the Celtic Manor last year in a bid to combat the problem, such tactics have not been rolled out across the board.

A Recent Case of Match Fixing

Whilst allegations of match fixing or corruption have been particularly rife in many sports over recent years, how many of us would associate tennis as a game suffering from such problems? 

Yet, the tennis world has been hit with its first ever guilty charge of match fixing.  The player at the centre of the allegations was Daniel Kollerer, an Austrian who reached 55th in the world in 2009.   In May this year, he received a life ban from professional tennis and a substantial fine ($100,000). 

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck

As there is no legal definition of an employed or self employed person, there is an abundance of case law that has sought to deal with the many situations where a person’s employment status is in doubt.

As an employer, not only is it a matter of referring to your contracts of employment, but it also depends on the actual working arrangements of the individual.

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